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Through the STEWART Medical Supply Division, we’re manufacturing, sourcing, and supplying medical products and personal protective equipment (PPE) for businesses across the nation.

We’re capable of manufacturing medical supplies like disposable HME condensers and PPE, all at competitive prices. No product is out of the question. Our division can manufacture or procure any medical device and deliver it to your facility.

Providing you with the


Stewart Medical Supply is ISO 13485:2016 certified. This is the standard required of a Quality Management System (QMS) for manufacturing medical supplies. That’s how you know you can count on us to deliver high-quality goods every single time.

It shouldn’t cost a fortune to protect your employees. We’re actively fighting against price gouging by affordably supplying:

  • Disposable HME condensers
  • 3-ply masks
  • Gloves
  • Gowns
  • and more

We supply at

fair prices

As the demand for medical supplies grows, many companies are driving prices to all-time highs. We don’t believe this is moral or fair. To combat this price gouging, STEWART Medical Supply is designed to fulfill all your medical supply needs at fair prices.​

We are happy to provide you with pricing estimates on products, though space is filling up quickly! If you’re interested in saving money while getting quality medical supplies and devices, contact us today.

Our FTZ offers a variety of value-added services for you and your business. Those include:

  • Quality inspection to eliminate waste
  • Assembly/Line Transfer
  • Location advantage for Midwestern businesses
  • Quality control
  • Improved cash flow
  • Saving on your bottom line

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Tariff Avoidance​

Quality Inspection – Under the customers protocol items may be inspected to ensure proper quality before duty is applied. Only those inspected items that pass get applied duty.

Tariff Elimination​

Duty Deferral/Elimination: Imported and domestic goods are not subject to duty while stored within an FTZ facility. Duty is only applied once the good enters into the U.S. market. Merchandise can be transported between FTZs or exported from the U.S. duty free. In addition, damaged products or scrap materials may be returned or eliminated without duty penalty.

Tariff Reduction

Duty Reduction (Inverted Tariff Relief): In many instances, tariffs are higher on unfinished products. Our FTZ allows companies to bring in components under a lower tariff for completion within the facility.

Entrance Strategies

Lower Taxes: Goods stored within FTZ #43 normally avoid federal excise taxes and state inventory taxes.

Reduced Insurance Premium: Inventory within our FTZ is subject to strict security measures established and closely regulated by U.S. Customs. Many insurance companies are willing to offer lower premiums on goods stored within FTZ facilities.

Weekly Entry: Companies utilizing an FTZ can combine entries and pay only one fee on goods moving through the zone within a week, rather than once a day or multiple fees per week. This opportunity is completely unique to FTZ facilities.

Quota Exemption: Items subject to quota limitations may be held within an FTZ facility penalty free until the quota restriction is lifted.

Value Added Service Unique to FTZ #43:

  1. Quality Inspection – Under the customers protocol items may be inspected to ensure proper quality before duty is applied. Only those inspected items that pass get applied duty.
  2. Assembly \ Line Transfer – For more than 19 years STEWART has provided subassembly services for its customers. This allows processes to be moved into the zone to be processed before entry. Beneficial especially on export parts with domestic items added.
  3. Location Advantage – Strategically located in Battle Creeks Fort Custer Industrial Park, transportation and logistics support has its advantages around timing and cost savings.​​