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quality solutions

STEWART Industries exists to provide high quality products that satisfy our customers’ needs through a commitment to continuous improvement. It is vital for us to understand and use our quality management system to do a good job the first time, every time. Following designated processes and procedures is imperative in achieving the high quality standards that we must set for ourselves. The quality of our products and services are the key to our competitiveness. Quality is everyone’s responsibility.

STEWART Industries uses the most current tested quality assurance systems available:

  • Lean Manufacturing Systems
  • Continuous Improvement System
  • 5s System
  • TQC
  • Error Proofing
  • Employee Monitoring System
  • In-process inspection
  • Final Audits
  • Dock Audits
  • Pareto Charting
  • Business Operating Procedures
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Assembly & Sub Assembly

Fully Integrated with Your Processes

STEWART Industries provides assembly and sub-assembly services that are fully integrated with your processes to ensure maximum efficiency. As the only company with assembly as our core competency, we can offer you defect-free assemblies delivered just-in-time. We can also provide full engineering and tooling support for your products – a service that other assembly companies are unlikely to offer.

From Servo Motors to Radiators

Our assembly experience ranges from small components to large truck assemblies and everything in between. Working with STEWART Industries, you can expect defect-free performance, cost competitive pricing and efficiency. By sending us your sub-assembly projects, we can help you reduce inventory and labor costs while improving efficiency.


Visual Inspection & Dimensional Inspection

STEWART Industries can help you to provide defect-free products to your customers. We provide both visual inspection and dimensional inspection to ensure zero defects. Our comprehensive quality control services will help to prevent defective products from reaching and impacting your relationship with your customer. STEWART Industries quality inspection is used for audit purposes to confirm product integrity and defect-free shipments, ultimately improving your in-house quality statistics. This high level, value-added service is complemented by our years of manufacturing assembly experience.

Multi-Supplier Inspection

If you receive products from multiple suppliers that all go into your final product, have them send their piece of the product to STEWART Industries for a cost-effective, consolidated inspection. With all the pieces going through one inspection company, you can rest assured that everything is in order. Looking at the whole instead of just one piece saves time and money as well as providing a higher quality inspection. After all, if we know how everything fits together, it is easier to find defects.

Benefits of STEWART Inspection Services:

  • Reduced Scrap, Labor and Operating Costs
  • Higher Manufacturing Quality
  • Improved Supplier Quality
  • Qualified, Thorough Reporting
  • Improved Customer/Supplier relations
  • Improved and Accurate Output

Kitting & sequencing

Project Design, Warehousing, Inventory Management

At STEWART, we have the capabilities to take a key project, create your work instructions, and execute to your specifications. Whether it is custom, long term, or specialized; our customers rely on our abilities to reduce scrap, labor costs, & eliminate operating waste. Our facilities are equipped to support any customer need from warehousing of a product to reworking or redesigning to your specifications.

Why Choose STEWART?

  • Custom, long term or specialized programs
  • Project design and execution to customer specifications
  • Warehousing
  • Rework/redesign to specifications
  • Nationwide support
  • Inventory management
  • Purchasing
  • Cost tracking
  • Create procedure efficiencies

Quality Containment

STEWART Industries is full-service containment facility that caters from the smallest to largest containment projects. STEWART has many years of manufacturing assembly experience to handle the most intricate to large scale containment tear downs to visual & dimensional sorting and inspection. Whether in containment for inspection, sorting, rework, assembly and/or washing, STEWART Industries is well-equipped to handle your needs.

STEWART Industries is on call 24/7 to react to your needs. We respond quickly with excellent customer service and project scheduling that is accented by a just-in-time delivery guarantee to meet emergency timing requirements.

In addition, STEWART provides daily quality metrics/reports/results, making it easier to monitor daily progress. It is our standard to provide the traceability required to meet both your and your customer’s quality initiatives. STEWART sets the standard, from start to finish, to deliver quality parts, the first time, every time.

Benefits of STEWART Containment Services:

  • Reduced Scrap, Labor and Operating Costs
  • Higher Manufacturing Quality
  • Improved Supplier Quality
  • Qualified, Thorough Reporting
  • Improved Customer/Supplier relations
  • Improved and Accurate Output

Quality sorting

Visual Inspection & Dimensional Inspection

STEWART Industries reacts quickly after a containment, providing sorting services to ensure defect-free products to your customers. Either at your location, your supplier’s or your customer’s, we provide visual inspection sorting and dimensional inspection of production lines.  Our comprehensive quality control services help prevent additional defective products from reaching your customer and forcing further containment action.

STEWART Industries’ sorting services are used at any level of the manufacturing process to confirm defect-free shipments, ultimately improving your relationship with your customer and saving you money. This high level of service is complimented by our many years of manufacturing assembly experience.

Multi-Supplier Sorting

If products received from multiple suppliers are in containment, have them send their piece of the product to STEWART Industries for a cost-effective, consolidated sorting operation. With all the pieces going through one sorting company, responsibility and sort integrity can be managed by a single-source — saving valuable time and money, while providing higher sort quality.

Benefits of STEWART Sorting Services:

  • Reduced Scrap, Labor and Operating Costs
  • Higher Manufacturing Quality
  • Improved Supplier Quality
  • Qualified, Thorough Reporting
  • Improved Customer/Supplier relations
  • Improved and Accurate Output


Setting the Standard

STEWART emphasizes efficiency in every aspect of our business, working to maximize synergy between cost and process control. This synergy ensures you high quality, cost-effective products and services which add value to your operations. With significant experience in the automotive industry, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide innovative, cost-effective solutions to your supply chain needs. If you’re searching for a supply chain solution, we’re the perfect fit.

At STEWART Industries, we provide the pieces you need to strengthen your supply chain. We understand that every product that reaches your customer and end user represents the effort of all entities that touched individual pieces of an assembly. Pieces which improve your assembly operations, Pieces which eliminate inventory inefficiencies, & Pieces which fit together to make you more productive and ultimately more successful.

As a full-service supplier to many industries including automotive industry, Stewart Industries offers value-added management activities to maximize customer value in which helps sustain a competitive advantage. Our promise is to maintain a conscious effort to develop and run supply chains effectively and efficiently as possible. We understand all members of the supply chain are linked together and maintain strength through good management, communication, process control and logistics of not only products, goods and materials… but information, data and KPI metrics as well. This information is crucial in order for STEWART, clients and suppliers to coordinate long-term plans and to control the daily flow of those products, goods and materials up and down the supply chain.


Supply Chain Solutions Designed for your Signage Needs

We are able to partner as both a sign manufacturer and distributor, depending on your project’s specific needs.

Our goal is to combine our superior, ISO 9001:2015-certified quality standards with the market need for competitive pricing. This allows us to ensure the best positioning for our clients’ contract wins.

STEWART’s types of signs include:

  • Digital Messaging Signs (DMS)
  • Dynamic Blank-Out Signs (DBO)
  • LED Street Name Signs
  • LED Blank-Out Signs
  • LED Enhanced Warning Signs

Production Throughput

Increasing Quality & Production Scores

STEWART believes that improving any production throughput of any facility or process begins by working smarter, not harder.

Despite any physical, staff, machine or facility constraints you have, STEWART can aid by improving the efficiency and quality scores of either your entire operation or individual process. By utilizing the methods and staff employed by STEWART, you can expect to accelerate throughput and improve capacity utilization.

Does this sound too good to be true? 

Yes, it is true. STEWART helps improve your machine up-time and immediately measure the performance improvement, thereby easily justifying your investment.

STEWART can aid with all these Throughput enhancing benefits:

  • Improved Overall
  • Equipment Effectiveness
  • Increased maintenance efficiency
  • Reduced scrap rates and Higher Product Quality
  • Greater process consistency
  • Better throughput, with zero machinery investment

Investing in STEWART can be measured quickly to demonstrate a strong return – guaranteed. 

Contact STEWART to learn how increasing production throughput can give you the leg up on your competitors by saving both time and money.


Reducing Inventory & Reducing Costs

STEWART Industries believes in this day in age, quality and timing is everything.

STEWART’s JIT system helps companies reduce or eliminate their excess inventory while handling the tight logistical requirements of good JIT Management.

One of the most major elements of great customer service is being able to provide the desired product Just-in-Time. STEWART understands how important it is for companies to have adequate inventory levels to accommodate strict product schedules while maintaining product quality. Our Just in time management services can help your company prevent excess inventory & delivery issues/problems.

Idle inventory can be costly and could be a potential threat to product quality. This is where STEWART steps in – by using JIT methodology, companies are able to use the inventory that they have on hand.

STEWART’s plan enables companies to reduce costs. It will eliminate the need to store surplus inventory along with aiding in the on-time delivery score for suppliers.

If you want to either prevent or eliminate your plant’s inventory problems, contact STEWART to see if their Just-in-Time Management Services are right for you.


Supply Chain Solutions Designed for your Needs

You have an innovative, superior product; but you also need its delivery process to be quick and easy so you deliver on time, every time. STEWART Industries has you covered.

STEWART Industries can handle the challenges of logistical and packaging operations – those “details” that may distract you from your goals. Just leave them to us, and we’ll make them our priority. Our logistical and packaging teams have the knowledge, experience and equipment to handle a variety of secondary tasks.

STEWART’s logistical professionals will tailor a supply chain solution specifically to your needs. We can suggest and implement innovative practices to help eliminate unnecessary costs, improve productivity, and improve customer service aiding you in delivering on-time & in-full every time.

STEWART’s services include:

  • On-site Warehousing & Distribution
  • Logistical Coordination & Inventory Management
  • Just in Time (JIT) Management
  • Freight and asset management
  • Direct shipping to your customers and retail establishments
  • Supply Chain Management


Value-Added CMM Inspection to Confirm Adhearance to Specification

STEWART Metrology is ready and equipped to be your source for value added Dimensional Analysis and Part Inspection services. Using the highest quality measurement techniques, tools and equipment, our talented staff ensures a best in market turn-around. Our approach considers multiple industries including, medical device manufacturing, aerospace, recreational, or automotive; just to name a few.

We also offer value-added consultation services and on-site support that allows your productivity to improve whether in conjunction with your in-house Lab or production floor environments. Our central location and extensive process control experience in everything from initial sample analysis to capability studies, makes STEWART Metrology the ideal partner to meet today’s demand for precision and profitability-based measurement.

Our Quality begins with:

  • Highly skilled personal
  • World-class tools and equipment
  • Flexible data reporting formats
  • Total project review

Specific Capabilities Include:

  • 3D Laser Scanning (on-site or inhouse)
  • First Article Inspection (FAI)
  • Impartial Evaluation
  • Programming Services
  • Staff support Service
  • Engineering Support
  • Customer Benefits from our Concierge Program*
    *Contact us about our Concierge Program at