The STEWART Industries Story

As a family owned business, we’re passionate about honoring the past, supporting the present, and continuing to move forward into the future. For the past 20 years, Stewart Industries has been evolving to better serve customers while always looking ahead for what’s next. We’re excited to keep building on such a solid foundation.

Here’s a little peek at how we got where it is today.

A Collaborative Effort

It all started, as most things do, with a dream. Co-Owner and CEO, Joseph M. Stewart, hatched an idea with his son, Erick Stewart, now the Co-Owner and President. They wanted to create a business that would help their hometown of Battle Creek, Michigan flourish.

It wasn’t long before that dream became a reality. Joseph and Erick soon found an ideal partner in Edward DeVito, and the three of them put their talents to work. STEWART Industries was born.

Growing the Business

Once the company was founded in 2000, it didn’t take long before we embarked on our first major project. Later that year, a collaboration was formed with DENSO, another Battle Creek business, to assist with packaging assembly.

Since then, we were certified as a Minority Business Enterprise, a government contractor, an OEM assembler for Mobius and Subaru, and an aerospace assembler. In our downtime, we also achieved ISO 13485:2016 and HUBZone certification.

Our growth didn’t stop with certifications, though. Just a few years after founding STEWART Industries, we needed to relocate to a larger location in the Fort Custer Business Park. We simply couldn’t fulfill the demand in our original, smaller location. We were thrilled to be able to expand our space and capabilities!

Where We’re Going

In 2019, we proudly opened our Foreign Trade Zone Division so we could better serve our community. Tariffs were in flux and the tariff wars had cost local businesses a significant amount of money. That’s when we knew we had to help.

Our FTZ Division works with businesses to reduce and eliminate duty payments on parts needed for production. We’ve also been putting our FTZ Division and our facilities to work creating personal protective equipment (PPE) during the COVID-19 outbreak.

We can’t wait to keep finding new and innovative ways to increase the bottom line for businesses in Battle Creek and around the country. We are always looking towards the future by building on our past.

Are you interested in working with a team like ours? Reach out to us. We’d love to help.

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