The Advantages of a Domestic Supplier

Supply chain delays, manufacturing disruptions, PPE shortages, and sub-par medical goods from questionable suppliers—these are just a few great reasons to rely on a domestic supplier for your organization’s medical supply needs.

Let’s take a look at some of the top advantages of working with a domestic supplier like STEWART Medical Supply.

Avoid Delays and Gain Cost Savings

With rampant ocean, air, and land delays in supply chains, it’s hard to rely on timely goods from around the world. Even the most efficient supply chains are struggling to keep pace with demand in a world where COVID shutdowns and overwhelmed ports are causing widespread issues. 

By utilizing a domestic supplier with a ​Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ), you get the advantage of supply chain efficiencies, like expedited processing, weekly entry, and direct delivery from ports of entry. Your organization can also look forward to cost savings in the form of reduced logistics costs and up to an 80% savings in tariff reduction. Plus, if you store your items in our FTZ, you’ll be able to import them when you need them straight from within the United States, without ever needing to worry about overseas crago.

No More Manufacturing Disruptions 

Precautionary COVID restrictions are weighing heavily on manufacturing, especially the no-nonsense COVID policy in China. This policy has pushed manufacturers into shutdowns that delay production. Delays lead to a trickle-down effect across the industry, pushing out shipping timelines, processing, and ultimately, the ability to fill the needs of your organization. 

Our FTZ offers a place where goods can be stored, distributed, processed, and used without being subject to customs duty. ​​Using a domestic supplier offers the opportunity to stockpile goods for future use, avoiding the hassle of reordering when supplies are nearly depleted and risking unexpected manufacturing delays. 

Skirt PPE Shortages and Support Local

The need for quality personal protective equipment (PPE) is still soaring worldwide due to the impact of the Delta variant. Utilizing a domestic supplier offers the benefit of a centralized location, where supplies can be quality checked, stored, and sourced as you need them. 

When you have quality PPE supplies close and on hand, your organization doesn’t have to turn to sub-par supplies to meet urgent needs. Plus, working with a supplier that understands U.S. quality expectations helps reduce the waste that happens when inferior products reach your team..and then have to get tossed out. STEWART’s FTZ is located in Battle Creek, Michigan, which makes it especially convenient for Midwest organizations to access. For everyone else, we’re in the middle of the country, which is convenient for cutting down shipping times. Sourcing domestically adds the benefit of supporting the economy, reducing fuel emissions from added long-haul transport, and boosting your organization’s reputation for endorsing a domestic business.

There’s no reason to settle for sub-par medical supplies when you can source high-quality PPE from right here in the United States, without the supply chain delays that come with imports. STEWART Medical Supply has the products you need to protect your team. Reach out today to receive a custom estimate for your organization.

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