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January saw the birth of a new administration, which means a new way of approaching COVID-19. Biden and Trump differ in many ways, but they were both reluctant about activating the Defense Production Act or the War Powers Act in response to COVID-19. In fact, Biden still hasn’t activated either.

While these are both controversial acts, one thing is for sure—what our government has been doing to address COVID-19 hasn’t been working, at least when it comes to meeting demand for important products like PPE. It’s time the government start looking towards a new source for supplies. It’s time for them to rely on small businesses.

We’re Already Certified

Small businesses have been doing work with the government for years. We’ve been around as the backbone for many of both local and federal government’s processes, from creating parts for military vehicles to manufacturing PPE and healthcare supplies.

In order to fulfill these orders, small businesses needed to get certified long before COVID-19 swept across the world. For example, STEWART Industries is AS9001D, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, and HUBZone certified. That means we’re prepared to work alongside the government to create PPE like highly sought after nitrile gloves, all without waiting for certifications to process.

We’re Flexible

When the pandemic hit, small businesses stepped up to help. STEWART Industries shifted from automotive subassembly to creating medical supplies, including masks, gowns, and nitrile gloves.

In fact, we’ve already been stepping in to help the governmental efforts unofficially. When we found out our underserved communities wouldn’t have PPE before Thanksgiving, we found a way to provide free PPE kits through local initiatives in an effort to keep our neighbors safe. STEWART Industries continues to remain nimble and adjust to respond to whatever need arises to help beat this virus.

All We Need is You

Small businesses like us have reached out to their communities to support them in their hour of need. These same small businesses are finding themselves struggling to stay afloat as supply chains delay and demand faulters for traditional business products.

The government is in a unique position to help us help them. By providing capital to these businesses and by working alongside them, we can find a way to keep small businesses healthy while generating nitrile gloves, PPE, and other essential items that are experiencing global shortages. All we need now is for the government to reach out.

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