Providing Masks with Dignity Hospital Gown LLC

STEWART Industries has always been focused on giving back to our community and the people around us. That’s why, throughout this pandemic, we’ve worked hard to become a source for PPE solutions. After all, masks, gloves, and gowns save lives.

We’ve been working with Dignity Hospital Gown LLC to help provide more masks for those in need.

Creating Masks with Care

Dr. Leela Bolla founded Dignity Hospital Gown LLC in 2016 after she designed a more dignified hospital gown for patients. Her new design put the wearers’ comfort first, all without compromising functionality or safety. Dr. Bolla was so passionate about her design that she began manufacturing them on her own in an effort to provide dignity to patients across the nation.

When she heard about the need for masks to slow the spread of COVID-19, Dr. Bolla got right to work. She created a new mask, the Dignity Pocket Face Mask. This mask is comfortable, reusable, and durable. Instead of single use masks, she focused on creating a product that can be washed and adjusted time and time again.

Each mask features two layers of a soft cotton/poly fabric blend and a pleated pocket design. Plus, the ear loops are adjustable, so they can fit a wide variety of head and ear shapes and sizes. It can also be fitted with extra filters for added protection.

The Dignity Pocket Face Mask is made right here in the U.S.A. for a wide variety of uses. Unlike homemade masks, there aren’t gaps between the fabric and the skin, so germs are kept contained. Plus, the mask dries in 40 seconds or less at room temperature, which makes it a perfect reusable solution.

Bringing Masks to the People

When we heard about the Dignity Pocket Face Mask and Dr. Bolla’s work, we were ecstatic. She had a great product and a wonderful motive. All she needed was a partner that could help her go the extra mile, literally.

STEWART Industries is ISO 13485:2016 certified, which means we’re authorized to work with medical devices and supplies. Plus, our STEWART Medical Division has the resources and the contacts necessary to set up a robust supply chain that spans the nation.

We’ve been working with Dr. Bolla to distribute and ship these masks to businesses, healthcare organizations, and companies throughout the United States. Are you interested in learning more? Click here to get in touch with our representative, Matt. He’d love to connect you with the masks you need.

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