Meet STEWART: Matt Amos

We truly believe our team is made up of some of the best minds in our industry. That’s definitely true when it comes to Matt Amos, our Business Development Manager.

Since we’re a family-owned company, and since we have a team-oriented workplace, we want to share with you a little bit about what Matt loves about being part of STEWART.

Decades of Wisdom

After graduating from Western Michigan University, Matt entered the industrial industry, and he’s been dedicated to it ever since. Matt comes with 39 years of experience in industrial distribution sales, which makes him an essential member of our team.

All of that experience means he’s great at adapting to new circumstances, which is very important for our company. “STEWART Industries is capable of moving into a wide variety of business opportunities to support our communities, such as our new STEWART Medical Supply service,” Matt said. “This new business unit was developed to support our health systems during the coronavirus pandemic when there was a shortage of PPE.”

Matt has been involved in STEWART Medical since it was first launched. He knows this work is incredibly important. “The coronavirus pandemic may have given us a new way of living life and we need to protect our students, families and neighbors from contacting this virus or the next one,” he said. “That’s why we’ve helped combat PPE shortages by sourcing products from a broad list of suppliers to make sure the schools had what they needed to open.”

An Ongoing Journey

Still, Matt isn’t satisfied with calling it a day after helping out a few schools. He knows it’s important to continue to provide the supplies organizations and districts need to keep people safe.

To help with that, Matt is working with the team to provide more solutions than ever before. He said, “We are currently working on a new and improved PPE catalog with new products that will continue to support our schools. We’re working on new products that are more effective in killing germs while not irritating the skin.”

He works hard every day because Matt knows this PPE can save lives. “Knowing that we have supported these schools with our PPE so they could open is a great feeling,” Matt said. “Helping those who need help is what we all should be doing to make this world a better place.”

The United States is expected to see another increase in COVID-19 cases as we grow closer to the holidays. Make sure you have the supplies you need now. Learn more about our Medical Division and then get in touch!

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