How We Can Help Your Business Combat COVID-19

At this point, COVID-19 is affecting every business in the United States in one way or another. For manufacturers, this is now truer than ever, with heightened demand and smaller workforces to pull from.

During this time, our team can help provide much-needed relief for companies that are functioning at capacity. Keep reading to learn more.

Increased Capacity

Many products are in high demand right now, including items that are essential for everyday life and for combating the COVID-19 outbreak. Luckily, our team has over twenty years of manufacturing experience. We can offer assembly and sub assembly services, quality inspection, and more.

On top of that, STEWART Industries is medical certified, HUBZone certified, and minority owned. We can manufacture essential products alongside your team to meet increased demand.

Additionally, if you’re working with reduced staff because of the virus, our team is ready to help out. Think of us as an extension of your team. When the going gets tough, we’re by your side.

Decreased Tariffs

If your business is sourcing products or pieces from around the world, we can help you cut back on tariffs and duties. Simply send parts to our location, where our team can sub assemble your product. Then when we ship your sub-assembled part to you, you only pay tariffs on the items that leave our FTZ.

That means you save money on the supplies you need. Your business can save, and you can use that money to continue operations as COVID-19 shifts capacities, demands, and expectations.

Do you need help meeting demands or creating medical devices that can help fight the COVID-19 outbreak? Reach out to our team today. You can learn more about how we can help with COVID-19 efforts by clicking here.

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