How Quality Medical Supplies Impact Care

Quality medical supplies are an important factor in care, not only in the effectiveness of the items for staff and patient protection but for items used in high-touch interactions with patients. Common-use medical supplies are where quality is likely to stand out compared to devices patients may encounter only briefly in their stay. 

Let’s take a closer look at the importance of quality medical supplies when it comes to impacting care on a daily basis. 

Staff and Patient Safety

If essential medical supplies like latex and nitrile gloves or protective masks fail, it could result in contamination, infection, or even a fatal accident. Quality protective measures and supplies help ensure the best care for patients and provide thorough safeguards for medical professionals so that they can continue administering top-quality medical support.

Patient Comfort

Quality medical supplies, like nitrile gloves, oxygen masks, blood-pressure cuffs, protective masks, and IV tubes, all come into contact with patients’ bodies more frequently than other medical supplies. When patients are in such constant proximity to items, any lack of quality is likely to become immediately apparent. Whether that’s an off smell, poor construction, uncomfortable texture or fit, when a patient is utilizing items in a long-term stay, they are likely to notice a difference in quality. A lack of quality products can greatly affect their satisfaction with care, stay, and overall healing process.

Consistency is Key

Single-use items like nitrile gloves are changed hundreds of times a day in a busy medical setting. There is no room for compromise in a single pair when moving from patient to patient. Protecting your medical staff is paramount to patient safety, as the risks go hand in hand. It’s essential to ensure that every item you receive is high quality. Remove any defective items from the supply before they ever reach your staff. 

At STEWART Industries, we offer quality assurance that ensures you only receive the items that pass your established criteria. We are medical device ISO 13485:2016 certified, which is the standard required of a Quality Management System (QMS) for working with medical supplies. This means our products are ensured to measure up to your standards and those set forth by the medical device industry.

Our division can procure or manufacture any medical device and deliver it to your facility. We’re capable of acquiring or manufacturing medical supplies like disposable HME condensers and PPE, all at competitive prices. No product is out of the question. Reach out to us today to receive an estimate and learn how we can help protect your organization.

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