How Foreign Trade Zones Reduce Tariffs

Foreign Trade Zones (FTZs) are effective methods for reducing or eliminating tariffs. However, many people aren’t well acquainted with how this process works.

Our team is breaking down how our FTZ Division can save you up to 80% in tariff avoidance and reduction. All it takes is a little collaboration, and your company can save significantly.

Getting Started

The first step to saving money on tariffs through our FTZ Division is requesting a quote. Once we receive this, our team can follow up with you for more information.

We use the information you provide to learn about the specific duties and tariffs on your goods and supplies. Then, we analyze your unique situation and give you a benefits sheet that explains how much you can save if you work with our FTZ Division. Plus, since we only get paid based on what you save, you know our team is working hard to save you every penny.

How It Works

Our FTZ Division can save you money because when you ship items through us, you haven’t technically imported them until they leave our zone.

In the meantime, our team can inspect your items for quality to make sure that only the ones that meet your standards are sent to you. Then we destroy the rest. This means that you don’t have to pay import tariffs on pieces you wouldn’t have used.

We can also help with sub-assembly. If you have pieces that can be made into a component with lower tariffs, we can assemble this in our FTZ. That means you import the component and pay the lower tariff rate, rather than paying for the individual pieces themselves.

Other Ways to Save

We understand that some items must be imported at a specific quota. This means that companies are often forced to wait until the last minute to purchase, and that when they do, they have to shell out a large sum to order the pieces they need.

Instead, we can warehouse items for you until you reach the import quota. Instead of placing one huge order with your supplier, your company can place several more manageable payments over time. Then, once your items reach the quota amount, they’re imported and shipped to you.

These are just some of the ways that our FTZ Division can help you reduce and eliminate tariffs. Request a quote today to receive a personalized assessment and to see how much your company can save. We can’t wait to work with you.

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