How an FTZ Enhances Our Current Services

The team at STEWART Industries recently announced our new Foreign Trade Zone Division. This new launch allows us to broaden our service offerings to better serve you.

Our FTZ Division allows us to expand our services, and it also complements some of the services we were already offering. Keep reading to find out how having an FTZ helps bolster our current work.


We are the only company in the business with assembly as our core competency. That means that we can offer defect-free products that undergo thorough quality inspections.

For years, we’ve encouraged clients who receive products from multiple suppliers to direct those parts to us. Now, with the use of our FTZ Division, companies who import supplies from around the world can send these items to our Foreign Trade Zone. Once there, our team can assemble the parts into a product before it’s imported. That way, our clients will only pay duties on the finished component, not on the individual parts.


STEWART Industries offers warehousing services for our clients, and we’re happy to say that this service is also augmented by our new Foreign Trade Zone.

Our FTZ Division is happy to warehouse parts within the Foreign Trade Zone itself until our clients need them. We can even store large volumes of items, so when a client needs supplies, they can import them from us at a rate that satisfies quotas. This helps clients save on tariffs and allows them to import items when they need them, instead of allowing stock to get low while waiting for shipping.


We have always prided ourselves in maintaining high quality standards. That fact is also true about our services within the FTZ.

While parts and supplies are being held in our Foreign Trade Zone, our quality inspection staff will comb through these shipments and destroy any items that don’t meet standards. By doing so, it prevents our clients from needing to pay duties on goods that are unusable. Clients only pay to import items that they can use, instead of the defects that come in many large volume batches.

Are you interested in learning more about how our FTZ Division fits into our other services? Reach out to us today. We can’t wait to speak with you.

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