Misconceptions and myths can confuse, and at their worst, result in actual life-threatening hazards in the medical industry. Deciphering the facts from the fiction of PPE is crucial to protect those wearing it and in many cases, the patients they serve. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most common PPE myths and debunk a few potentially dangerous misunderstandings. 

Myth: All PPE is created equal.

Unfortunately, no. It’s best to know where your life-saving PPE comes from before you trust it. You should never have to settle for low-quality PPE like those produced under questionable standards and quality control. Our products are designed to surpass the quality standards of similar supplies that are often imported from China. Instead of settling for sub-par goods, you can source high-quality PPE from right here in the United States, without the supply chain delays that come with imports. There’s no reason to settle for sub-par medical devices or compromise safety.

Myth: Certifications aren’t important when it comes to PPE.

At STEWART, we offer FDA-registered and/or approved supplies and high-quality protective gear that passes many quality checks before it ever reaches your organization. STEWART offers proper QAing of medical devices that meet both internal company standards as well as the standards set forth by medical regulators like the FDA and ISO. 

Stewart Medical Supply is ISO 13485:2016 certified, the standard required of a Quality Management System (QMS) for manufacturing medical supplies. Surprisingly, being certified isn’t a requirement in order to work with medical supplies. However, we went the extra step to give our clients peace of mind and ensure performance at the highest quality.

Myth: It doesn’t matter how or where the PPE is manufactured.

False. There are big leaps in quality when it comes to manufacturing and quality assurance, which can vary greatly from facility to facility. The STEWART Medical Supply Division is pairing with R&G to produce high-quality, affordable, and reliable medical devices. R&G has been manufacturing PPE for the food and healthcare industries since 2009, with a focus on meeting and exceeding international quality standards. 

Myth: Small/short tasks don’t require PPE.

No matter how quickly a small task can be completed, you can’t control when an accident occurs. Always protect yourself with full PPE, as required by your organization and role, to ensure total protection. 

Full protection from head to toe is crucial for many medical, lab, or production settings where any exposure could cause a serious hazard. STEWART Medical Supply offers an entire catalog of products to provide full coverage and full protection for your staff. From facemasks and beard covers to bouffant caps, gowns, and shoe covers, we have the supplies you need to protect your organization fully. 

At STEWART Medical Division, We’re capable of producing many high-quality medical supplies at competitive prices.No product is out of the question. Our division can manufacture or procure any medical device and deliver it to your facility. Contact us today to receive a quote for your organization.

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