Healthy Battle Creek: Providing PPE for Those in Need

A child wearing a face mask looking up at an adult who is also wearing a face mask

The past few weeks have seen some of the largest spikes in COVID-19 in Michigan so far. With the holidays coming up, experts are expecting this trend to continue, unless we do something as communities to flatten the curve. That’s why STEWART Industries is proudly partnering with Healthy Battle Creek to help protect those in […]

Providing PPE for Schools

A flat lay of school supplies and masks.

As we get further into August, districts across the nation are preparing on how to tackle the new school year. In years past, this has meant figuring out class schedules, gathering supplies, and buying new clothes. This year, however, districts need to think about how to protect their students, teachers, faculty, and staff from COVID-19. […]

Providing Masks with Dignity Hospital Gown LLC

Masks being sorted into packages alongside a direct quote from the blog post.

STEWART Industries has always been focused on giving back to our community and the people around us. That’s why, throughout this pandemic, we’ve worked hard to become a source for PPE solutions. After all, masks, gloves, and gowns save lives. We’ve been working with Dignity Hospital Gown LLC to help provide more masks for those […]

Introducing STEWART Medical Supply

A branded image with the STEWART Medical logo.

The world needs medical supplies and devices. That’s an obvious fact, but it’s incredibly difficult for healthcare organizations, businesses, and patients to obtain the medical devices they so deeply need. That’s why we’re announcing STEWART Medical Supply Division. We’re using our expertise and ISO:13485 certification to provide medical supplies at all stages of the supply […]