The Advantages of a Domestic Supplier

Fabric manufacturing facility with the text, "STEWART: The Advantages of a Domestic Supplier."

Supply chain delays, manufacturing disruptions, PPE shortages, and sub-par medical goods from questionable suppliers—these are just a few great reasons to rely on a domestic supplier for your organization’s medical supply needs. Let’s take a look at some of the top advantages of working with a domestic supplier like STEWART Medical Supply. Avoid Delays and […]

Common PPE Myths

Two marble statues leaning towards each other wearing medical masks with the text, "Common PPE Myths."

Misconceptions and myths can confuse, and at their worst, result in actual life-threatening hazards in the medical industry. Deciphering the facts from the fiction of PPE is crucial to protect those wearing it and in many cases, the patients they serve.  Let’s take a look at some of the most common PPE myths and debunk […]

PPE Best Practices

A man wearing a protective face mask with the text, "PPE Best Practices."

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is essential every day in several industries, including the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, and medical system. Still, PPE has recently been put in the public spotlight over the past year due to COVID. With supply chain shortages running rampant and the delta variant forcing several regions to return to masks, quality […]

The Hospitality Patient Pac: Safe, Sterile, Convenient

A blue background with a woman wearing a protective face mask and cap, with text "The Hospitality Patient Pac: Safe, Sterile, Convenient."

We’re proud of our STEWART Medical Division’s work over the last 18 months to provide organizations across the nation with high-quality, fairly priced medical supplies. With the demands of the past year in mind, we’ve expanded our offerings by pairing with R&G to provide your team with an even greater selection of reliable medical devices. […]

How Quality Medical Supplies Impact Care

Disposable medical mask overlayed with the text, "How Quality Medical Supplies Impact Care."

Quality medical supplies are an important factor in care, not only in the effectiveness of the items for staff and patient protection but for items used in high-touch interactions with patients. Common-use medical supplies are where quality is likely to stand out compared to devices patients may encounter only briefly in their stay.  Let’s take […]

Rethinking the Medical Supply Chain After COVID-19

Text reads, "Rethinking the medical supply chain after COVID."

If the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have taught us anything, it’s that the medical device supply chain is more fragile than anyone would like to admit. When it comes to protecting your organization, including those they serve, there is no need to sacrifice quality to fulfill your supply needs.  Having an emergency plan […]

Why Medical Device Shortages Happen (and what to do about them)

Medical lab setting with text, "Why medical device shortages happen (and what to do about them)"

As demonstrated over the past year and a half, medical device shortages are inevitable factors in a world of unpredictable natural and manmade disruptions. With some medical devices and essential PPE still bouncing back from COVID-19 shortages and other supply-chain-related delays, are you prepared for another shortage in your industry? Let’s dive into some of […]

The Basics of QAing Medical Devices

The Basics of QAing Medical Devices

At STEWART Industries, we are no stranger to quality. From employing rigorous inspection to sorting and comprehensive quality control, we have all your concerns covered.  There is no room for error when it comes to protecting your staff and the people they serve. A medical device malfunction could result in a critical, or even fatal, […]

How Tariffs Impact Medical Device Sourcing

Dollar signs overlay on a picture of a lab technician with text that reads, "Tariffs & Medical Devices"

To get a feel for how rapidly the medical industry was forced to evolve over the past year, we must look back at the early months of 2020. When faced with incredible demands in March 2020, U.S. trade officials exempted more than 100 medical items manufactured in China from import tariffs to help fight the […]

Vaccinations Don’t Negate the Need for PPE

A gloved hand resting on packaged face masks in an assembly line.

The once-desperate search for personal protective equipment (PPE) over the past year has fallen as supply has risen to accommodate demand. The CDC’s most recent recommendations indicate that fully vaccinated people, meaning two weeks from their final dose, no longer need to cover their faces in public settings. Although the requirement for universal mask-wearing is […]