Case Study:

STEWART Industries Helps Tier-1 Automotive Supplier Achieve 40% Improvement in Production Efficiencies


Tier-1 automotive supplier in rural Midwest


A Tier-1 automotive supplier is awarded new business and faces both space capacity and talent recruitment issues


STEWART pulls together a team of experts to assess the situation and provide a solution that allows the client to expand business


  • Client is running at near-capacity and lacks space for growth
  • Client’s primary function is not assembly
  • Location of client is in remote area, making talent recruitment a problem


  • Relocation of Client’s assembly to STEWART’s 60k square foot production facility
  • STEWART’s experience in assembly led to process improvements — visible work instructions, added inspection points and fewer reworked and damaged parts
  • STEWART took over Client’s supply chain management including; forecasting, ordering and managing inventory


By outsourcing cumbersome assembly work to STEWART Industries, the Client:

  • Saved approximately 4,000 square feet of production floor space
  • Achieved a 40% improvement in production efficiencies
  • Saw improvements in both processes and a drop in product claims
  • Freed up resources to accommodate future business

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