Case Study: Personal Protective Equipment

The quote "The goal here is quite simple: it's to care for other people" in orange text on a purple background.

The battle against COVID-19 has shown us that our healthcare systems are unable to fully provide our front-line workers with adequate protection. With this in mind, we are looking to fill the gap and supply those in need with the protection they deserve. As a small business, we are able to fill these holes. We can produce more quickly than other businesses and distribute protection to those who are being overlooked.

Our Task

To arm our front lines with personal protective equipment (PPE), STEWART Industries has connected with a team of experts in the medical field, including current front-line medical professionals, medical consultants and device experts. We’re working with both suppliers and doctors to produce, manufacture, and distribute PPE equipment—ranging from masks to gowns—to hospitals in need.

  • STEWART Industries, Excelerant Consulting and Wytcote Technologies have connected to pull together their networks and find producers of PPE goods who don’t have the network to or want to expand their networks to distribute their goods.
    • Suppliers in this category are finding the need to sell their products to those who won’t gouge the price, which is currently a major issue.
      • Ex. In some instances, we are finding price gouging with N95 masks. These would ordinarily cost $3 dollars, but they’re now being sold for $7. Hospitals are wary of these prices. That’s why we vet the marketplace and will only work with vetted and proven suppliers who offer a fair competitive price.
        • We refuse to purchase a product that exceeds the competitive price.
  • STEWART Industries offers the capability to distribute and navigate the supply chain. That’s because our facility has the capacity to assemble, distribute and divide up large shipments.

The Goal

The goal here is quite simple: it’s to care for other people. We want to utilize our business to take care of and support those who are protecting us from the spread of COVID-19. While the federal government is doing what it can to put out big fires and supply workers in highly infected regions, teams like ours can put out small fires and provide hospitals that aren’t the top priority with much-needed PPE.

Our Process

We are serving locations on a case-by-case basis. We’re urgently working to identify their needs and supply each organization with a strategy to help get the supplies they need at fair prices.

Our current product list includes:

  • Masks
  • Gloves
  • Face shields
  • Suits
  • Test kits
  • Support equipment (ventilators)

STEWART Industries offers unique abilities to meet customer needs:

  • In recent days, the White House granted permission to allow aircraft to fly directly to the Battle Creek Airport, which is located just a mile from STEWART Industries’ warehouse.
    • This allows products to be flown directly to the Foreign Trade Zone, where they can be assembled and distributed by the STEWART team.
  • STEWART Industries is ISO:13485 Medical Device Certified and has 20 years of manufacturing experience. We also have cultivated supply chain techniques and can ensure products meet FDA and quality standards. This allows hospitals to use the products without question.
    • A major issue with others who are trying to step in is the lack of certifications. Many hospitals have had to turn away supplies because the products hadn’t been produced by certified parties.
  • The process is a combination of finding the products and meeting the needs of each client. We will find the product through our networks and use that same network to provide the client with the needed products.

The Results

Within the past four weeks, we have shipped out millions of PPE to various parts of the country. These PPE have been sold and delivered to hospitals, clinics, senior care facilities and other organizations that are experiencing a shortage. By leveraging other small businesses and their networks, we have been able to help fight shortages. In delivering and shipping these products, we are providing our front-line workers with the capacity to be more effective in their duties. We are currently seeing many others within our community step up and provide these essential products. Unfortunately, hospitals are unable to accept or allow their employees to use these products, since they haven’t been quality checked. Because STEWART Industries is medical certified, we have a unique advantage and have products that meet FDA requirements. This means our products can save lives, rather than be set aside. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

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