Bring the Vaccine to Them

The release of the COVID-19 vaccines has created a new sliver of hope for people across the world. However, distributing those vaccines safely and effectively has proven to be a bit more of a challenge.

In order to be safe and effective, these vaccines need to be stored at very specific temperatures, which limits how many vaccination centers can be set up. Luckily, we’re here to offer a solution.

Portable Refrigeration

We’ve always been proud to be part of the Battle Creek community. That means we understand how difficult it can be for people in the country or in smaller suburbs and underserved neighborhoods to gain access to care. The closest hospitals for these people could be nearly an hour away. That makes it incredibly hard to get vaccinated, especially when dry ice can’t preserve the vaccine for extended periods of time in remote areas.

To help make things more streamlined, STEWART Industries is offering subzero vaccine vessels. Each of these containers can be transported to remote locations, all while maintaining temperatures that ensure the vaccine stays safe.

A Tangible Impact

In order to achieve herd immunity, we need to reach at least 80% vaccination rates. That’s hard to do when vaccine centers might not be within reach.

Our subzero vaccine vessels are a great solution. They can be transported to community centers or local law enforcement, where locals can then get vaccinated easily, quickly, and effectively. These storage containers are the ideal solution to help spread the vaccine throughout communities without ample access to traditional healthcare resources.

The team at STEWART Industries is working hard to provide these containers as quickly as possible. We’re taking orders now with plans to begin distribution on February 8th. If you feel like these would be a good fit for you or your community, reach out to Matt or Steve to learn more.

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