Added Security from FTZs

Many businesses struggle with finding cost-efficient warehousing space for items that are subject to quotas. Even more so, these businesses also have to take into account the levels of security that are required to keep large quantities of valuable products safe from theft.

That’s where Foreign Trade Zones come in. Not only are they optimal locations for storing items that are subject to quota before that quota is met, the security requirements that FTZs must meet make them a great place to store your valuable inventory.

Our team has broken down some of the security requirements that FTZs must meet and the benefits they can provide.

Digital Security

The majority of businesses store documents digitally and rely on access codes and programs to deter intruders. FTZs are no different. They require a high level of security for systems, records, and more.

Because customs records are so crucial, they are guarded by programs, passwords, and other encryptions. FTZs must meet rigorous standards in order to receive an FTZ license, so businesses can be assured that security systems are up to date.

Physical Security

In order to receive and ship cargo, FTZs must establish secure access points. These areas are equipped with a number of security measures, including intensive record keeping, cameras, keycards, fences, and more.

In fact, Foreign Trade Zones take security so seriously that many invest in motion detection systems and employ manual guards. These extra measures ensure that cargo, products, and resources are kept safe at all times.

Restricted Access

In addition to the systems above, FTZs limit physical and digital access to many areas of operation based on internal access permissions. The majority of employees are only granted access to areas and information that are required for their day-to-day jobs.

This limited access gives companies peace of mind, knowing their information is kept safe and secure, even within the FTZ’s functions.

Benefits for Businesses

In many cases, high-level security measures are expensive for individual companies to maintain. Those that operate on smaller scales may not be able to find practically priced options that fit within budget limitations.

Instead, FTZs can ensure security for products, information, and more, all without draining a company’s budget. It is a convenient way to store inventory, mitigate tariffs, and do it all while knowing that stock is secure.

Our FTZ will be opening this fall. Are you curious about how much our FTZ can help you? Connect with us today while space in our FTZ is still available.

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