A New Foreign Trade Zone for Battle Creek

A graphic that says "A New FTZ for Battle Creek."

STEWART Industries is happy to announce that we have officially launched our Foreign Trade Zone, right here in Battle Creek, Michigan. This new Foreign Trade Zone can offer relief to Michigan businesses of all sizes.

It’s no secret that recent international trade politics have impacted businesses. Tariff wars and fluctuations are charging businesses well beyond what they can afford. That’s why we’re excited to work with businesses to help them save.

A Simple Process

Escalating and fluctuating tariffs make importing pieces an unpredictably expensive practice. To help, we’ve created a simple process that will help Battle Creek businesses save.

When you request a quote from us, our team will send you over a benefits sheet for your business to complete. Then, based on the information you give us, we tell you how much you can save by using our Foreign Trade Zone.

Reduced Tariffs

Our FTZ Division is prepared to help businesses save up to 80% in reduced tariffs and tariff avoidance.

When items come into our FTZ, our employees inspect the parts for defects. Those that don’t pass our quality inspection will be destroyed, so you won’t pay for customs or duty charges on those pieces.

Additionally, we can help assemble parts inside our FTZ into a larger component that may have reduced tariff rates. Instead of paying high import taxes on several small components, businesses can pay one reduced rate for a few partially completed components.

Modeled on Savings

We believe in helping your business succeed. That’s why we only get paid based on the amount you save.

Our FTZ Division works hard to make sure that we’ve optimized your savings. Our quoting process creates a strategy for you, so that your business can feel confident and secure, even in the face of shifting tariff rates.

Let us build your duty savings strategy! Request a quote today. We’re excited to help your business and all of Battle Creek thrive.

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