About Us

The STEWART Story – a MINORITY Owned Business

STEWART Industries, a minority firm located in Battle Creek, Michigan. STEWART helps manufacturing companies to improve product quality, line balance issues, off-line processes, and support the overall effectiveness to their current customer base. Incorporated in May of the year 2000, we serve Michigan and the Central/Northern and Southern United States. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified and SDB Government Certified. We take pride in the performance of our associates and the consistency of our processes. Our goal is to put our values to work for you – improving your processes by providing cost-effective inspection and sub assembly work.

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A Message from the Founder

“As a minority owned organization, we have positioned our company, through a tightly focused business plan, to become a preferred supplier of sub-assembled components, light manufacturing and packaging solutions in the automotive industry. Our Organization is guided by our vision, our philosophy and our shared values.

We value the depth of our PRIDE, the performance of our ASSOCIATES, and the consistency of our PROCESSES. Our vision, philosophy and our shared values are the cornerstones of our day-in and day-out commitment to providing quality results to all of our customers. We strive to be the best in our category. We wish to become your preferred supplier.”
Joseph Stewart

Variety of industries and ideas working together


At STEWART, everyone is proud of the Made In The USA products & Services offered. Even more so, we are proud of our people. Each have a commitment to excellence that goes far beyond words; it’s what is seen when our crew works above and beyond in both speed an accuracy – because they know every minute counts to our customers.

At STEWART, we do not make it a point to use our background to win business; we use our expertise and experience. We strive to be the best in our category and to become your “preferred supplier.” We win business against the toughest competitors based on our quality processes, our customer service, and especially, our people. We treat everyone and their ideas as equal; and if it makes sense for our customer and ourselves, STEWART will invest in special new equipment to see that idea becomes reality. That gives workers at STEWART a great sense of pride in what they are doing when they come to work every day.